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Because I Told T I Would - Beauty Often Seduces Us
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Because I Told T I Would
I really ought to quit being MIA so often, it tends to confuse me on what I've told people and what I haven't. Oh well such is the price of working, going to school and spending time with the love of my life.

I guess I can address those in that order.

My job totally rocks. I have days that are sooooo dull that all I can do not to pull my hair out is organize the supply cabinet (for the twentieth time). Other times I'm frantically working on projects and not getting out of the office until its way past dinner. I work with fantastic people, they make my job so much easier to do, because we all get along pretty well. Eric is closest in age to me he's a senior at Cal Lutheran and everyone else is in their thirties or older. Not that age matters since its a professional environment and my skills are valued for what they are not for how old I am. Its nice because I can chat with people and be treated as an equal instead of a "mere child."

Besides I have David there and he makes work fun simply because he's the older brother I never had and he's just a really great person to talk to about stuff going on in my life.

Oh Christmas! I completely forgot! Well Ivan loved the stocking and the presents that I got for him (he'll let me know when he calls me that he's wearing the socks or listening to the cd, its just soooo cute!). And he got me the sweetest present! He bought me a box set of my favorite broadway composers (Irving Berlin, Rogers and Hammerstein, Rogers and Hart, Leonard Bernstein and George Gershwin). And he said the sweetest thing! He told me it was the best Christmas he's had in a long time!

Well anyway, with classes it turns out that I can't take the math class I need until Summer Semester which is fine but disappointing nonetheless. However I am able to take my science and lab as well as english and golf so I'm only a few classes shy of being able to transfer!

Ivan and I both have appointments coming up with a counselor at moorpark, but get this...the earliest we could manage to get (this is of course after registration for the normal semester is closed) is the 23rd!!! So luckily we should both be able to sign up for the late start courses which begin in February.

Speaking of us, quite a bit has happened since Ivan quit Borders. He spent a few weeks relaxing (his last day was the 30th of December) and just today, after posting his resume yesterday, he already managed to line up an interview for a job as a customer service rep. for some agency (I don't remember I was just so proud of him for getting an interview already *sheepish grin*). The other exciting news (other than him going back to school) is that his band is going to have their own concert coming up soon, but even better than that he and his band have been invited to play in LA Noise Fest this year! He and the guys are really excited, and I'm just looking forward to getting to see him perform on stage and be there to hold off all the groupies ;)

The good news for me is that, school costing less + more money coming in= funds therefore =ing Amanda being able to afford a decent size down payment on a used car!!!!! *Does celebration dance* This is the first big big BIG step of getting the hell out of this little 7x7 room I'm living in. I'll stay here until I transfer and then I'll willingly pay the cost to live on CSUCI's campus (cal state university channel islands, for those who don't speak cal state language). Hopefully with Ivan transfering shortly afterwards.

It's well past the time I should be asleep seeing as I have to be up in oh about 7 hours. Love you all! And hope everything is going well for everyone!

Love, Peace and Prosperity,


When Not SleepIng I'm: between Atticus and Darcy, snuggled under my blanket!
Today's Forecast Is...: complacent complacent
The Voices In My Head Are Singing...: She's An Angel-They Might Be Giants

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water_walker From: water_walker Date: January 22nd, 2007 03:31 am (UTC) (Link)
You know what I watched because I missed you? C'mon, use the telepathic link, I know it's rusty.
Sense and Sensibility

I am thoroughly distraught that channel 14 here no longer exhibits Blackadder in his various incarnations during the early morning hours centering about 3. Darlene purchased a knock-off TiVO box thing which she is quite proud of - AND she gets the BBC up there - and here I am stuck suffering with no BBC and no pr0n. Actually I've given up the pr0n for a whole month now. Go me. It's like my new years resolution.
Crap I'm hungry.
You're supposed to feed a cold -since I've had it for over a month I guess I'm not feeding it enough- but I can't find ANYTHING appetizing in this house.

feed me
1 person loves me or you could Please Leave A Beep After The Message *MESSAGE!!!*