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As per usual I have been MIA as of late. Lots of things have been… - Beauty Often Seduces Us
And Triteness Kicks Us In The Nads
As per usual I have been MIA as of late. Lots of things have been going on so I'll fill you in quickly.

First, Ivan and I are both in the process of looking for new jobs (and no we weren't fired). The assistant manager of the store, who we are good friends with, has found another job and will be leaving within the week. So basically we're stuck with our bitch of a manager and its only a matter of time before she discovers we've been dating (although we still maintain its not against the rules because he's not my direct superior). Anyway, I have a few interviews lined up for secretarial positions, most of them starting at $12/hour (almost $5 more an hour than I make right now, and more than Ivan makes and he's been with the fucking company for 4 years).

So wish us luck in this, we're hoping to get 9-5 jobs so we can have weekends off. Currently we plan to have new jobs by Christmas, and hopefully have both moved out of our parents' houses by mid March.

We will both be enrolling in Moorpark again this semester (since UCSB rejected me, but whatever), and will be taking classes together, so we haven't said screw the degrees. The good thing is we're making these decisions together and are planning our future.

Yesterday was Ivan's b-day and I made pie, lasagna, salad and bread for us. I went and picked him up around noon and then we went to Sawtelle Street and hung around there for a bit. Went home and watched Sleeping Beauty (his favorite disney movie, cause of the dragon). Then I took the puppies to the park, while he took a nice relaxing bath. I came home and found the cat just draped across his lap, looking quite content (I think at this point Darcy has adopted Ivan and given me his approval =) ). Then I gave him his presents, The Portable Curmudgeon a book of quotes and info on popular curmudgeons (ie oscar wilde), The Gilded Tongue a book of elaborate words for everyday sayings and some maple sugar candy (his favorite). Then we had a nice candlelit dinner, drove back to his house and had the wine and watched Gremlins 2. And after that we both went to bed. He told me that it was the best birthday he's had in a long time =) Go Me!

Mom and Dad came back from Vegas today *sarcastic yay*. And unfortunatly for me I lost my voice and felt like shit so I didn't go into work, instead I took some medicine and passed out for several hours. However I will point out that I did do what my mother had asked me to do before doing so there should have been no cause for anyone to be upset. Well apparently there was cause Dad came in and started snapping about how things looked and I was like (in my totally fucked up voice) "I'm sick. I've been asleep. I just woke up. I did what I was told to do." I don't know, these mood swings are just killing me! Making it ever so essential to move out Asap.

However they did bring me a Hooters shirt back from Vegas, which I am quite happy that they did (I'm going to wear it to class on Tuesday).

In other news I have finished my christmas shopping already (*woot* go me!) and now can just relax and not have to stress about the holidays! And can finally be saving the money!

Hope everything has been going well with you guys. I'll try and catch up with you all individually later!


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water_walker From: water_walker Date: November 29th, 2006 06:31 pm (UTC) (Link)

it takes two

i finally figured out why Moorpark is familiar to me...
that's where Darlene is originally from!

i attract californians
1 person loves me or you could Please Leave A Beep After The Message *MESSAGE!!!*