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Seeing as I have no desire to sleep at this very moment, I have… - Beauty Often Seduces Us
And Triteness Kicks Us In The Nads
Seeing as I have no desire to sleep at this very moment, I have decided to grace you all with my presence...that and it has been several weeks since I last posted.

So things have as usual been a bit wonky around here. Firstly, I fucking hate my classes at school. Statistics is still a living hell, but whats worse than that is my Psych prof. is a former counselor, so he feels that everyone needs to give real life examples, and talk about things in class. Look I'm sorry that people have problems, but the fucking classroom is not the place for that discussion!!! Everyone has problems, it sucks, this however does not mean that you should bring them up in the middle of class because I can guarantee you that the 49 other people in the classroom don't give a crap. Go see a fucking therapist or something...yeesh!

Anyways...moving forward. Work is not terrible, since the assistant manager is helping me out and has put me in charge of putting out the calendars and doing that whole set up. He's put me in charge of them, A. because he trusts me to do the job and to do it well, and B. as a way to prove to my store manager that I know what I am doing and have the skills to be a supervisor. The good news is too, that I had a woman hand me a note that she had written to the store manager about how wonderful, and helpful I am, so points to me!

So lets see...school, work...ah yes...home. I'm still living at home with the parentals, and the good thing about working 30+ hours a week and being in school for 10+ is that I am rarely at home for anything but sleeping, and eating. Unfortunatly they continue to point this out to me and use it as an excuse to keep me out of the loop. Mom is going to have to have surgery soon because she has systic fibrosis so they have to go in and remove them. They also found a lump in her breast so she has to go get those checked out. Dad's stressing as usual, but is applying for a job at the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library (despite personal objections to that political party). And Christian is being a typical teenage boy and is doing pretty well, and only lighting a few things on fire (if you have a chance look at my myspace profile under my video favorites, he's the cameraman).

And of course saving the best for last, Ivan and I are still going strong, *sigh* I Love this man. He is the best of men, I mean come on he puts up with my family. Lets see what has he done lately? Oh yes, last week the starter on the van broke, so on his day off he drove me to school, picked me up from school, took me home to get money from my mother, drove my father to his class, drove me to the grocery to buy stuff for my family, went grocery shopping with me and then helped me unload the groceries at home...All in One day!!!! He of course thought it was no big deal, but to me it meant so much. And yesterday when I wasn't feeling well at work, he drove all the way from his house (a good 20 or so minute drive) to get me from work to take me home. I am telling you there is no better man! The good thing is that my family loves him and his family loves me (and this of course includes his cat loving me, and my cat loving him...sometimes more than he loves me =( ). (for those of you wishing to know further details on the relationship, ie. how we got together (for those who are unaware), or the "goodstuff" you know how to reach me!)

Anywho I have class in about 10 hours so I should probably get some rest, and I am sure you guys are tired of hearing about me and my life.

Love you all!!!

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flicker_flame From: flicker_flame Date: October 3rd, 2006 04:09 pm (UTC) (Link)
I'm really happy for you. ... That's the way love is supposed to be. Sometimes you stumble upon things that look like love and very well may be in some form but... the good stuff is guys it sounds like you've got. Everyone deserves a love like that. :) Congrats.
vegravixen From: vegravixen Date: October 4th, 2006 01:06 pm (UTC) (Link)
do this mean i can start texting you again? or will you get all "grrrr and fangy"
From: virginiavxn2008 Date: October 5th, 2006 03:40 am (UTC) (Link)
lol, yes and you mean all "fangy and grrr"
saraphimsbc From: saraphimsbc Date: October 4th, 2006 01:39 pm (UTC) (Link)
It's been a while! I'm so glad to hear that you're doing relatively well, although it sucks that your classes are a bit annoying!

Yaaaaaaay for boyfriends. I'm glad you're finally getting to experience a good guy. He sounds awesome in the extreme!

Anyway I guess that's it. I miss talking to you, sweety.

Give me a ring sometime if you want: 8048325951
4 people love me or you could Please Leave A Beep After The Message *MESSAGE!!!*