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Beauty Often Seduces Us

And Triteness Kicks Us In The Nads

17 June 1986
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I hold a B.A. in Political Science from Cal State Channel Islands, and run the children's department of a major bookstore. I'm from Southern California (or at least that's where I've spent more than half of my life) but I've moved around a bit from VA to TN to NC and despite my loathing for California at first, I can't help but love being a Californian. I'm an interesting person, or at least I think I can be. I can be fun in big crowds, but most of the time I'm either on my own or with just a few close friends.

Where All My Fanvids Are Posted (if you wanna download it just e-mail me, im me whatever and I'll get you a link

Where my Fanfictions (or at the moment fanfic is posted, I really should update more often)

landsharks This is Anna, Gin and my commmunity for the random nonesensical things that we come up with during our daily lives.

Dr. Allison Cameron
You are Dr. Allison Cameron!
Its not your fault that you believe the best in

people. You just want to help, and do the bet

job you can in whatever situation you are in.

You cant help it if everyone thinks youre the

nicest doctor theyve ever had!

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