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Begin First Week Of New Job
Okay, so I've officially started my new job, and it totally rocks. Not only do I make more money but I have my own desk, and computer, and there are about 8 other people in the whole office. I already knew David, so the cool thing is he and I can chat while we're there.

Although today was only my 2nd day I have already managed to snag some overtime. We had to finish up something that's due tomorrow, so I got off work about an hour ago, and I had been there since 8:30am.

Ivan has handed in his 2 weeks notice at Borders. He hasn't found another job yet, but he's tired of working there, and he wants a break. So he's going to take a little one and then we're going to find him a better job.

Oh and get this...The bitch of a store manager, who I can't stand. Had the audacity to "talk" to him about the fact that we were dating...AFTER MY LAST DAY!!!! Someone please explain the point of doing so, as I am very confused. It pisses me off, because it never affected our work, wasn't against the rules (technically) and its none of her damn business since I no longer work there. Oh well she's just a anal retentive bitch, and I never have to deal with her again!

We just celebrated our 4 month anniversary this past Friday, and he made me another cd, this time it was one of love songs *swoons*. I swear he just makes me melt. Then we went to a party, which we were both pretty uncomfortable at, so we left early.

Oh oh have to share this with you all! A few weeks ago we were at the bank waiting to cash his check. We had our arms around each others waists and we're just smiling at each other. This older gentleman came up behind us and said, "Aww, you guys look like newlyweds." To which we just smiled. Then he asked, "Are you?" I was busy blushing so Ivan said, "No, not quite." The gentleman smiled and said, "Oh...so how long have you been married then?" I was floored, but quickly said, "oh no, we're not married." "Well how long have you been together then?" "4 wonderful months," I managed to say with a big smile. "Oh well you guys have plenty of time then." And he proceeded to tell us the story of him and his wife and his family.

It just made me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

We're exchanging our Christmas presents Christmas night, and I even knit a stocking for him, and have stuffed it with fun things!

This'll probably be the only chance I have to post before Christmas. So Happy Christmas everyone!!!!!

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